Track Of The Day – The Bambi Kills – Headlights

The Bambi Kills Headlights

Melbourne based duo The Bambi Kills debut single is a gloriously hypnotic, seductive cinematic slice of electro grunge noir.  It’s the new musical project of Australian sisters Vanessa and Elly Velinsky who have both previously featured on the VPME in different musical guises in the past. Vanessa featured as lead singer and guitarist with hotly tipped grunge rockers Valentine HERE and Elly as one part of explosive duo Mannequin Death Squad  (HERE)  Both sisters have regularly demonstrated that they possess a fine ear for melody and are masters at crafting explosive crunching grunge pop that fizzed with energy and attitude. Together as The Bambi Kills, the guitars may have been toned slightly down in favour of electronic flourishes and soaring melody, but there’s still an air of menace and grungy undercurrent beneath their majestic unnerving debut.

‘Headlights’ may be rather more restrained in terms of volume than Vanessa or Elly’s previous work but this is a masterful example of throbbing sensual sophisticated electro grunge, Trent Reznor probably wishes he’d written it.  They apparently already have an album’s worth of songs and are currently in the process of recording them. The track arrives with a spooky as fuck video, which is a disturbing  Tobe Hooper meets Kubrick kind of affair.

For more info check out band here The Bambi Kills Facebook

The Bambi Kills Headlights

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