Track Of The Day (1) – Little Sparrow – The Hunted (A Bear’s Tale)

Occasionally a singer comes along in possession of a voice of such extraordinary beauty allied to songs of unflinching emotional honesty that its effect on the listener can be quite profound.  Moreover, like all great music that comes from the right place it can sooth, console and briefly make your world an infinitely better place.  Essentially, it is the antitheses of the egregious caterwauling that passes for talent on the X Factor.  On this occasion, the artist in question is Manchester based singer songwriter Little Sparrow (Katie Ware) who has been blessed with not just a beautiful voice, but with the ability to write songs which are sweetly poetic yet never saccharine and flawlessly executed but never contrived.  It appears she also appreciates that subtly and nuance pack a far greater emotional punch when sharing the contents of your heart than shouty, warbley over emoting.

It’s difficult not to draw comparisons when writing about music, therefore you may detect a hint of All About Eve’s Julianne Regan, the song writing maturity and depth of Laura Marling, the slight otherworldliness of a less theatrical Kate Bush and even Vashti Bunyan’s whimsical pastoral introspection.  You will surely also recognise that Little Sparrow is worth more than a thousand empty Syco production line warblers and as such you should allow your ears to embrace her music..which sounds like this….

If you like that you’ll love this, and it’s free


Little Sparrow Live by Shay Rowan

Live pic and heads up from Shay Rowan

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  1. Love this song, refreshing and wonderfully understated. Thanks for the wonderful review of this artist, a gem!


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