Track Of The Day (2) – ”Be My Ghost (The Green Light)’ – Eloise Keating

And after Honeyblood comes the second of today’s literary inspired songs.

New music comes at us from all directions and we can often find ourselves a little punch-drunk… Sometimes we’ll discover new artists via the net, sometimes gigs, as well as word of mouth, recommendations from friends (yeah, we do have a few)  or via an artist’s PR.  And sometimes the artist finds us, as is the case with today’s track of the day.

She’s seventeen and just start her musical journey, but already Eloise Keating has certainly got the sort of sophisticated voice that would sound completely at home on a station like 6 Music. ‘Be My Ghost (The Green Light)’ is inspired ‘the Great Gatsby’, which oddly enough is one of the few classic novels that for us, actually inspired an inordinate amount of ‘yawning.’  (Let’s have more songs inspired by Emile Zola’s epic Les Rougon-Macquart series we say.)

However we may not have bonded with F.Scott Fitzgerald’s idealistic anti hero or the fist bitingly annoying, vapid Daisy Buchanan but this certainly didn’t stop us enjoying Elosie’s voice or appropriately enough given subject matter, the sense of doomed grandeur she manges to convey.  ‘Be My Ghost’ shows great promise and is imbued with a  languid grace, that conjures up a Lana Del Rey meets Daughter meets Lucy Rose kind of vibe. She’s currently unsigned but is definitely one to keep your ears out for.


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