Track Of The Day (2) – Blindness – Glamourama

We’ve been fans of Blindness since 2010’s “Confessions” EP cleaved our skull asunder and bathed our ears in glorious noise via their intoxicating blend of raw power and dark brooding melodies.  This is what guitar music should sound like – dangerous, swaggering, dramatic, and of course sexy.

Blindness have also been gaining something of a reputation on the live circuit, sadly we’ve yet to experience Blindness in the flesh but many people whose taste we implicitly trust have regaled us with enthusiastic tales of their awesomeness.  Their début single ‘Glamourama’ released via the much-loved and respected AC30 label demonstrates exactly what this band us all about.  The driving beat, throbbing bass line and Debbie Smith’s ( formerly of Curve and Echobelly) lurching juddering guitar work all combine and swirl with a strident sense of urgency around the seductive imperious vocals of Beth Rettig.  The result?  A potent, hypnotic, dazzling object lesson in thrilling, throbbing shoegaze tinged indie from a quite wonderful band.


‘Glamourama’ will be available from the  8/10/12

Track Of The Day  - Blindness - Glamorama The Von Pip Musical Express - The VPMEDOTCOM

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