Track Of The Day (2) – Cash+David – ‘Funn’

Cash+David may have a collective name that sounds like a backstreet Welsh pawnbroker, but there’s nothing crass or opportunistic about their music.  Their début single ‘Funn’ features mellifluous airy vocals floating over huge slabs of wonky throbbing synths and grinding guitars underpinned by a portentous driving beat.

The London based duo, are apparently taking the enigmatic route judging by their atmospheric shadowy publicity photos, which very much seems to be de rigueur for emerging artists these days.

Obviously, this kind of mystique and obfuscation wouldn’t really work for a band like say, The Wurzels, but if you have the tunes and on this evidence Cash+David definitely do, then the intrigue does create a certain allure add to the overall vibe.  This is a genuinely whopping great sexy beast of a tune.

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