Track Of The Day (2) – King DJ – Hold Me Down/U Gone & Dun It

It seems we just cannot keep away from Manchester this week as we bring yet another artist to emerge from a scene that Bella Union boss and former Cocteau Twin Simon Raymonde has described as the most exciting in the UK.  This time King DJ provides the fuel for our musical fire in the form of some filthy blues riffing- guitar gutter grime replete with the kind of visceral howling vocals that would quite possibly induce the night terrors in Nick Cave.  Mark Vernon of garage noiseniks Brown Brogues is King DJ a project that he says gives him “complete freedom.  I’m only doing what I want to do and what I enjoy’.

It is the absolute antithesis of shiny happy clappy homogeneous vacuum packed lobotomised pop and proof that good things lurk in dark places !

 His début release consists of a Double A-side “Hold Me Down” and “U Gone & Dun It” and is available on cassette via Haus of Pins



Friday 5th October – Fuel Cafe, Withington, Manchester


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