Track Of The Day -2 -The Android Angel – ‘Lie Back and Think of England’

The Android Angel is the musical alter ego of Paul Coltofeanu and is a project that is more rooted in reality than the surreal dream pop fantasy of his other musical project, the acclaimed Free Swim. Ostensibly whimsical there’s a depth of feeling and wry melancholia when you scratch the surface of these seeming innocent melodic, reflective tunes, maybe none more so than on the title track of the forthcoming album ‘Lie Back and Think of England.‘ Featuring a beautiful guest vocal from Sarah Mahony and uncompromising lyrics such as ‘Lie back and think of England/I used to call her home/Till the News of the World hacked a missing schoolgirl’s telephone’ The Android Angel manages to convey disillusionment and regret with empathy, warmth and charm.

Sarah Mahony and Paul Coltofeanu

You can pre-order the new album from and receive this song immediately!

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