Track Of The Day (2) – The Daydream Club – Neon Love Song (Part II)

It’s often very difficult to put into words why a particular piece of music can be so affecting, why it can provoke a sudden rush of emotion. It could be the melody combined with a lyric, a certain tone to the singers voice or perhaps something that suddenly resonates to stir deeply buried memories and emotions.  But often trying to drill down to what it actually is that has caused a strong emotional response or  serotonin levels to soar to dizzying new heights can often diminish the impact.

This is how we feel about today’s second Track of the Day from The Daydream Club, we’re not sure quite what it is that moves us , it just does. Of course if we were to analyse it we’d say stuff like it’s the beautifully constructed melodies, the emotive, poetic lyrics, the ability to transport the listener to another place for three minutes and fifty five glorious seconds. But we won’t, we’ll just lose ourselves in the moment.

Adam Pickering and Paula Walker  for it is they who are The Daydream Club, met while studying in our own home town, Liverpool, and released their début album ‘Overgrown’ via their own label Poco Poco Records in November 2010.

And if you like remixes here’s one you can download below. (click on the “Buy” button which will take you to the download link)

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