Without getting all Harry Potter, we’re guessing for Actor to live The Witch Hunt must die. If that means nothing to you, worry not, in essence, what we are prattling on about is the fact that Leeds duo The Witch Hunt, Louisa Osborn, and Chris Mulligan are now collaborating on a new musical project called Actor. This is apparently the alias of Louisa, who is again joined by Chris on production duties and Drummer Ste Anderson.

‘Feline’ initially sounds rather more upbeat than the slightly gothic vibe of The Witch Hunt.  Saying that, it’s still what we’d term dark Alt-pop, which allow Louisa’s powerful beguiling vocals to shine. Actors songs are described as “exaggerated tales of larger-than-life characters personifying experiences of social anxiety, relationship breakdowns and constant migraines” You can catch Louisa and co. at the Live At Leeds festival this Saturday (2/05/2015) at 1pm at the Brudenell Social Club

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