Track Of The Day – Big Wave – Only You

Big Wave are on a roll, in the wake of a spectacularly GREAT EP – “The Roots of Love (Come Tumbling Down)’’ and a wonderful free download ‘Dying On The Vine’’ they release their début single “proper’ ‘Only You.’  In doing so, they’ve firmly cemented our view that they really are one of the best up and coming bands in the UK and as such are deserving of a much wider audience.  Doubtless fans of the fast-paced C86 guitar jangle of Veronica Falls will be swept away by Big Waves lo fi sugar coated, bitter-sweet frenetically strummed pop goodness.  The vocal harmonies recall a rather more upbeat version of ‘Scar’ era Lush and the slower paced sweetly sung  B-side ‘Living Room’ is waaaay better than most bands a-sides. So there!

This release sees Big Wave team up with London based record and tapes label Beautiful Strange for a run of 500 limited edition ‘beer’ coloured vinyl (with digital download). Available to pre-order now from bandcamp: or big cartel:  It’s  due for release November 5th.  Buy it and turn them into national treasures….

And a great song demands a great video

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