Black Casino And The Ghost – ‘I Like You ‘Cause You’re Free’

‘ I Like You ‘Cause You’re Free’ is  Black Casino and The Ghost’s first single to be taken from their upcoming debut album, the wonderfully titled “Some Dogs Think Their Name is No.”  What strikes you, like a crisply thwacked cricket ball to the testicles is the sheer poetry and intelligence of the lyrics plus the quite remarkable vocals of Elisa Zoot . ‘I Like You ‘Cause You’re Free’  builds from sombre piano led lament to impassioned polemic about the superficial world of perfect self portraits and choreographed communication.   A candid admission of weakness in a world of phony Facebook bragging status updates projecting the perfect life, as echoed by the final, almost gospel like closing refrain of “All we are is what we choose to hide from each other, tell me how you really feel or don’t even bother talking”. Genius.

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