Track Of The Day – Black Honey – ‘Sleep Forever’

A new music blog/ website in our opinion should provide not just a platform for new music, but also a little bit of detail about the artists featured.  The better ones, attempt to grab the readers interest and encourage them to seek out the artists featured.  We are not big fans of the constant churn that involves copying and pasting music in a race to be first without context, of constantly being ‘on zeitgeist’ – we feel this does new music no real long term favours – although we’ll concede it does have its place in the online world.

Personally, we like context, we like a bit of info about the artist, we like to know what the artist looks like and we like to know how music makes people feel.  Alas with today’s Track Of the Day we fail on all counts because the artist in question, Black Honey have no bio, no photo (aside from a picture of a retro TV), no press release and there’s bugger all on line about them.  You’d almost think they were doing it on purpose 😉

Doubtless, they will profess a wish to be judged solely on their music, but such wilful obfuscation will only work if your music is genuinely interesting.  Happily, we consider Black Honey’s emergence from the shadows with ‘Sleep Forever’ to be just that.

Without question there will be comparisons to Lana, especially after her comments about sleeping forever (i.e./death) to that renowned Guardian journalist with the “sinister ambitions” Petridis Jonze or whatever his name is.  There will be references to David Lynch, as it’s the law that dark cinematic pop noir with chiming guitars and a narcotic vocal will always attract the term ‘Lynchian.’  Nevertheless, there is merit in such comparisons when describing ‘Sleep Forever’ as it certainly conjures up a honey dripping miasma of doomed grandeur and the nostalgic faded glamour of smoky bars, femme fatales, and illicit ill-fated love affairs.  In short, Black Honey have produced a darkly compelling, seductive pop song whets the appetite and moistens the trousers in anticipation for the rumoured debut EP scheduled for next year.


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