Track Of The Day – Bleached – ‘Next Stop’

Those if you like that band then you’ll LOVE this band” adverts that regularly pop up on sites like Facebook are rarely the best way of discovering new music as invariably they tend to be about as wide of the mark as a Chris Waddle World Cup penalty attempt!  We generally prefer word of mouth recommendations or tips via trusted sources rather than the corporate scatter-gun data scooping advert approach.  And so it came to pass that when a trusted musical chum in America implored, with all her usual grace, candour and charm, that if we  planned on attending Liverpool’s excellent Sound City festival we simply must catch Bleached, we really couldn’t resist ! 😉 “Yo Fucko! Seriously you really must catch these girls , I guarantee you’ll love ’em, unless you’re a freakin’ retard!”

Alas on the night logistics dictated that we only managed to catch the last three songs of Bleached’s set but that was enough to convince us they had something special and that our potty mouthed American friend was  completely right, this was indeed our sort of music! Short fast punchy, melodic and raw music imbued with more hooks then a fishing expedition chartered by Joy Division’s former bassist, there’s no pretension here, no arch 6th form manifesto or angle, Bleached are just two sisters inspired by bands like the Ramones and the D.I.Y. ethic writing about love and loss and all the things in between.

After a trio of excellent singles,  the Bleached sisters of Jennifer and Jessica Clavin are set to release their début album “Ride Your Heart” on April 2nd via Dead Oceans.  This new tune ‘Next Stop’  from the album demonstrates what the band do so well- absolutely no titting about with endless shapeless clever clogs guitar noodling, they just get on with the business of creating shimmering melodies replete with rollicking guitar riffs set to a fast and furious punk rock beat. Unlike our idiotic coalition government these girls don’t need gloss or varnish, their music sounds perfect as it is !


Looking For A Fight

Next Stop

Outta My Mind

Dead In Your Head

Dreaming Without You

Waiting By The Telephone

Love Spells

Searching Through The Past

Ride Your Heart

Dead Boy

Guy Like You

When I Was Yours


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  1. a lot have girls have done this, but when its done well like Bleached have it still sounds really good 😀 😀


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