Track Of The Day – Bon Bon – Lois Lane

We happened across a couple of Sian King’s demos last year (for it is she who is Bon-Bon, but shhh keep that  under your hat) and recall being rather impressed. And it would certainly not have been remiss to describe her songs as having an ‘Indie-pop’ sensibility.  However with her latest tune ‘Lois Lane’, from her forthcoming EP she really cuts loose and sounds funkier than Funkadelic performing at an all day funkathon with Grand Master Funk on national funk day.

There’s a whole lotta  SOUL, attitude and sass in her voice on this particular track, and if I really were Superman and I had wronged her, well…. I’d be sleeping with one eye open, man of steel or not, in case she kicked my well sculpted ass from here to Krypton and back again!

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