Broken Down Golf Cart – Full Hotel Weekend

A Jen-uniely great track here from Broken Down Golf Cart, which sounds like all my favourite musical styles rammed into one effortlessly brilliant package. A bit grungy a bit shoegazey, with a hint of dystopian doom pop and a fantastic vocal that at times sounds like a far more mellifluous version of Patti Smith colliding with Shirley Manson. 

It’s the side project of Liverpool based Canadian artist Jen Baranick who also writes and performs with the excellent Good Problems. The accompanying stop motion video looks like something Nick Park may have produced whilst experimenting on acid and absinthe or perhaps the characters of Zola’s classic “L’Assommoir” re-imagined by Picasso but in plasticine form.

Jen describes the tune thus “This little beast of a song is based on a fun little area in Liverpool where I used to live. Here’s my rendition of the sleepless nights and endless rivers of pee after a heavy party weekend… It was also kind of fun sometimes I won’t lie”

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