Track Of The Day – Christianoshi – Fool

Christianoshi is a London based electro pop artist, who on the evidence of his new single ‘Fool’ is channelling the dark spirit of Violator era Depeche Mode fused with the pop sensibility of Erasure. Of course  it’s not for us to act as a musical matchmaker here, but after listening to this track we quite like the idea of a duet between Mr C and Sarah ‘The Good Natured’ Mcintosh as both artists have a great ear for introspective electro pop.  It has to be said that much of the music produced by electronic artists at present is infinitely more imaginative and interesting than the vast army quirky falsetto egg in the mouth acoustic trouba-bores who somehow contrive make “An Audience With Alan Shearer” seem like an interesting proposition. Anyway the single including 2 remixes and is available like most things in life, via Itunes

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