Track Of The Day – Crocodiles – “Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9)”

Hands up who watched the Brits ? Fucking awful wasn’t it ? Like some sort of bizarre celebration of the terminally bland cheered on by the woefully tasteless which danced on the grave of true musical  innovation, artistry and good old fashioned excitement.  And that trophy? We’re no philistines but Jeez,  it resembled a tin soldier crossed with a child’s skittle fused with a portable fire extinguisher.  And so in the wake of such a spirit-crushingly dull exercise in championing wall to wall musical magnolia, its time for a little rock n roll nastiness, no ?

Today’s track of the day heralds the welcome return of  San Diego’s Crocodiles who  release their new album, “Endless Flowers,” on Souterrain Transmissions on June 4th.  This track sees the Crocs roaring back in fine style with a joyous fuzzed up, explosion of guitars attitude and leather jacketed cool – in fact everything that was lacking at the Brit Awards and proof positive that there are some things Brit school just can’t teach ya!

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31 May Berlin Bi Nuu (TICKETS)
01 June Amsterdam Paradiso
05 June Paris Nouveau Casino
07 June London The Royal Princess Cruise Liner (TICKETS)


Endless Flowers // Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9) // No Black Clouds For Dee Dee // Electric Death Song // Hung Up On A Flower // My Surfing Lucifer // Dark Alleys // Bubblegum Trash // Welcome Trouble // You Are Forgiven @killcrocodiles


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