Track Of The Day – Drahla – ‘Stimulus For Living’

Based on their previous releases Leeds three-piece Drahla ‘s soon to be released debut album ‘Useless Coordinates’ (via Captured Tracks on May 3rd 2019) could be something of a classic (well actually it is, as we’ve heard it and I believe the technical term might be “WOW”)

Their lead single ‘Stimulus For Living’ provides yet more evidence that here is a band to believe in. One who offer something new, something innovative, and something which pays no heed to rules. The results are off-kilter, seductive, unsettling and mesmeric, rest assured Drahla aren’t following any trend or promoting an empty self-aggrandising aesthetic. Instead, they are scything their own singular path by simply being incredible, and in staying true to themselves, are producing ingenious immersive layered soundscapes which completely engage the listener on many levels.

‘Stimulus For Living’ is edgy and hypnotic as it weaves new structures and patterns which morph and then emerge from jagged riffs and disorientating percussion. Play it on your headphones and you get a real sense of the jittery claustrophobia the trio immerse you in. In less skilled hands it could fall apart, but Drahla’s ingenuity and musical astuteness enable them to adroitly meld disparate elements into a cohesive whole to produce something that disturbs and enthrals in earl measure. Nagging insistent guitars and wailing saxophone sweeps,  swirl and eddy around singer and guitarist Luciel Brown’s half sung half spoken vocal as she projects exactly the right mix of insouciance and menace. The results are astonishing. Drahla are not just fucking brilliant but also a band brave enough to follow their instincts and make music on their own terms. It’s also a welcome escape from the tsunami of empty faux indie mutton fingered lad rock that somehow is allowed to masquerade under the ‘alternative’ label.  A schtick that seems to have festival bookers in its thrall. Fuck off.   This is the real deal, this is visceral, menacing, bold and audacious.

They play Phase One Liverpool on 8th May 2018 – Tickets here 


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April 19th – Motel Mozaique Festival, Rotterdam
April 20th – Basement Bash, Urban Spree, Berlin
May 2nd – Broadcast, Glasgow
May 3rd – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
May 7th – Yes, Manchester (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 8th – Phase One, Liverpool (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 9th – Hare And Hounds, Birmingham (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 10th – Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 13th – The Cookie, Leicester (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 15th – Studio 9294, London
May 16th – Green Door Store, Brighton (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 17th – The Bullingdon, Oxford (w/ Sleep Eaters)
May 18th – The Boileroom, Guildford (w/ Sleep Eaters)
June 23rd – Loose Ends Festival, Amsterdam


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