Track Of the Day – Drakes Hotel – ‘Young Taste’

Ever had one of those moments when you stare up at the night sky and feel like a tiny insignificant dot when faced with the vastness of the universe?  We felt a little like that when we discovered Drakes Hotel, a dark new wave/electronic  husband and wife duo from Omaha Nebraska. Why ? Well this brand spanking new band we thought we’d discovered have actually been producing music together for a decade. This fact made us appreciate that the musical universe is also huge and we are but one blog amongst many!

Drakes Hotel are Amy Drake And Chris Y and they are set to release their fifth EP/Album entitled ‘Loves Not Lazy’ which contains today’s track of the Day ‘Young Taste’. It’s an example of how to write, and produce  a retro futuristic electronic pop song which manages to sound wistful, atmospheric and intelligent but also commercial enough to pick up some serious airplay. Of course that would be in an ideal world in which radio play-lists  get decided by people who actually like music, not stat hungry bean counters. But we can dream…


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