Track Of The Day – Dum Dum Girls – “Lord Knows”

We’ve made no secret of our admiration and indeed love for Dum Dum Girls. We were pretty much smitten when we heard a rough, but wonderfully thrilling bedroom demo of an early song called  “Catholicked”.   Since then they’ve gone from strength to strength, and we firmly believe that Dee Dee is genuinely  one of the most naturally gifted songwriters of her, or indeed any generation . Following on from their stunning second album, “Only In Dreams” ( we refuse to say sophomore, we are English dammit, we have never called anything sophomore ever until recently… “I think I’ll have my sophomore pint of beer” – see it just doesn’t work over here) they are set to release a new EP “End Of Daze” on 24th September (which includes a Strawberry Switchblade cover.)  We’ll review it in full nearer the date, but if you are a fan, you’ll be pleased to know it’s fucking wonderful (If you’re not, you either have no ears or a soul so withered and dissipated that Toby Young and Jeremy fucking Clarkeson must be your spirit guides.) Until then, the first track from the EP ‘Lord Knows’ premièred on Pitchfork today, you can download it for the price of an e-mail below.  Plus there’s a stripped down acoustic version of another EP track “Mine Tonight” in the video below.

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