Track Of The Day – Dumb – ‘Still I’m Stuck’

Today’s track of the day ‘Still I’m Stuck’ is a new track from Birmingham four piece Dumb‘s debut EP ‘Chew Me Up, Spit Me Out’ which will be released August 18th via Tip Top/One Beat.  As well as this rather excellent new tune the EP’s compiles the bands previous offering ‘Dive’, ‘Retina’, ‘Two Bottles’, and ‘Super Sonic Love Toy’ and showcases their loud melodic guitar driven indie pop.

Dumb’s music has the sort of anthemic swagger and youthful exuberance that seems to be sadly lacking in the omnipresent zeitgeist humping lo-fi electronic whimpering being produced by the sort of self absorbed chaps you’d imagine used to wet their pants in school.  Dumb are anything but and in chisel cheeked singer Dylan Williams they might just have the new indie poster boy in waiting.

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