Track Of The Day – Feathers – ‘Dark Matter’

When blogs and zines, who spend much of their waking hours listening to and writing about new music, offer their hopes and tips at the end of the year, they are often attempting to form an opinion based on just one or two tunes. Obviously part of being a new music blog is trying to spot potential and sharing it with the world. We aren’t always right, but we are totally convinced that Austin based Feathers are the real deal.  True, when we mentioned them in  our “Tips for 2013” it was based purely on the evidence of two songs ‘Land Of The Innocent’ (which will be released as their début single around March 4th) and ‘Soft’ but hey, what fucking AMAZING tunes they are ! We knew straight away there was something very special going on over at Feathers HQ. ( Read more about them HERE)   

To our delight a new tune entitled ‘Dark Matter’ has quietly appeared online and “Hallelujah!” praise the music gods on high because it fully justifies our faith in Feathers! (Like we had any doubt!)  It throbs and undulates with the sort of subtle electro pulses and driving beats that conjure up Depeche Mode whilst the celestial seductive vocal harmonies weave their hypnotic magic on the listener.  It’s breathtakingly beautiful and is quite simply 50 shades of A.W.E.S.O.M.E. – We love it,  Feathers are without a doubt, the bomb, so why not let them explode in your ears this year and let’s get them over to the UK and adopt them.  Their album ‘If All Now Here’ is released on 15th April.

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