Findlay’s back with a new track, ‘Wolfback’ which remarkably isn’t a command you’ll find in any ‘How To Train A Wolf’ manual to assist in recalling an errant canis lupus, nor is it a tribute to the intrinsic’ hotness’ of hairy- backed men.  It is however all about a particularly shit relationship in which Findlay once found herself.  Perhaps the person was a wolf in sheep’s clothing?  Perhaps they actually had a tattoo of a wolf on their back?  (If so let’s hope it was better than this beauty)  Whatever the meaning, it’s another stonking track which sees her sound slowly morph into something that’s more electronic and dare we say it, more ‘danceable’ than her earlier releases, and equally it’s just as good as what’s gone before.

She told the 405 last week – I hope people like it, it’s quite a departure from the first few tracks released which were more band driven I’m intrigued to see how people will react to the sound, I think it sounds more fat and modern I’ve enjoyed experimenting with more synth sounds and loops.  I just hope fans of the original Findlay sound mirror my enthusiasm for progression’

She need not worry though, we’re sure that many will remain impressed by all things Findlay; for us this includes the town within the Rural Municipality of Sifton, Manitoba, Canada and Natalie, but lame jokes aside it’s the songs that really matter, and as long as they remain of the quality she’s produced so far we’ll be more than happy.  However, we will add one caveat – Natalie and her band have always been fantastic live so we do kinda hope she doesn’t decide to go all ethereal and mystic, cover herself in glitter and feathers and float onto the stage minus a band armed with a Tenori-On, a laptop, a jostick and a kazoo.  Might be an idea if Sleaford Mods adopted that look though – and wrote a fucking tune occasionally.

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