Track Of The Day Frankiie Glory Me

Track Of The Day Frankiie Glory Me

This is good. Vancouver 4 piece Frankiie start off sounding like The Shangri-Las, then Fleetwood Mac, there’s even a bit of Springsteen in there, all wrapped in a rather satisfying shimmering Spector-esque package. Chiming guitars, towering melodies and a vocal that resides somewhere between Chrissie Hynde, Amy Lee and Mary Weiss. You get the picture, oh yeah and it’s about death, but isn’t actually bleak.

The band have been around three years or so, released an EP ( First Aid Kit, Haim style vibes) but began to question the musical path they were taking. They drifted apart, one of them released a solo EP, another started a fashion line, another became a teacher and another moved to a small island community to work and surf. I think we know who got the best deal there 🙂 But they were soon drawn back to music and regrouped with a new focus. The result of the new improved recalibrated Frankiie is ‘Glory Me’

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