Track Of The Day (Friday Freebie) – Filthy Boy – ‘Jimmy Jammies’

Well Christmas is over, the tinsels been packed away and it’s time to get back to the business of listening to music sans the sleigh bells!

Filthy Boy’s new song ‘Jimmy Jammies’ which is offered as a free download below is a slithering, sleazy little ditty.  A dark tongue in cheek waltz which seems to revolve around a couple reigniting the embers of sexual desire,  but still sensibly remembering to neatly fold their clothes and popping their PJ’s on.  Lyrically it recalls Nick Cave at his most rakish and salacious – ‘Just like before,when you tease me to death till I’d be out of breath and still asking for more/ But if you please, just take your time, I’m starting to shake and that breathtaking shape is the reason to die’

Filthy Boy have recently signed to Stranger Records and recorded their début album, Smile That Won’t Go Down, at Edwyn Collins’ West Heath Studio, which is due out in April 2013.

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