Track Of The Day – GHXST – ‘Dead Town’

NYC’s GHXST are back with a sprawling new doomgaze tune, and one which you could easily imagine providing a sinister alternative musical backdrop for the opening titles of HBO’s quite magnificent True Detective’ series.

Indeed the imagery in the video for ‘Dead Town‘  has undeniably drawn inspiration in terms of the atmospherics and motifs from said show. And whilst the bleak deserted streets of NYC are not as quite terrifying as ‘True Detective’s’ nightmarish vision of Carcosa there’s a very definite sulphurous whiff of foreboding peril, of something sinister hidden in the dark.

Singer Shelley X hypnotises  the listener like a voodoo high priestess reciting some dark, portentous mantra, whilst twisted guitars coil around a song dripping with sensual menace. It’s as cool as Rust Cohle’s beer and as he might say there’s a victory in that.’

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