Brooklyn’s incendiary doom rockers GHXST are back with a brand new track ‘No Luck ‘ which features singer Shelly X’s trademark insouciant seductive vocals backed by huge slabs of shuddering Sabbath-esque guitar riffs. It translates into a dark ominous dose of blistering sonic brilliance that goes straight for the musical jugular.

(Q/. What the Sam Hill is a “musical jugular?”  A/. How the fuck should we know?  We write about music – don’t expect us to make sense any time soon. And who the Sam Hill is Sam Hill? )

GHXST are band who seem to get better and better with every release, and ‘No Luck’ is from their forthcoming ‘Nowhere EP‘, which really does see them taking things to the next level.  GHXST expertly fuse brutal noise with understated, but none the less exhilarating melody in which an aura of wanton sexuality bubbles beneath the surface. As such, it should guarantee your ears experience paroxysms of unfettered joy. ‘Nowhere’ arrives on 26th January via CLUB.THE.MAMMOTH Records and we are reliably informed the EP was recorded  last year between New Orleans, Nashville and Brooklyn.

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