‘I Was You’ is the final single from Girls Names wonderful forthcoming album Arms Around A Vision.

It begins with front man Cathal Cully seemingly lost  in a reverie of existential doubt before the hypnotic spell cast by his half sung half spoken stream of consciousness is broken by the agitated menace of the band’s driving rhythms, chiming guitars and what sounds like a ghostly organ swirling about in the background .  It’s unsettling and yet strangely uplifting in the sense that the overriding impression one is left with as the song concludes is a sense of defiance and hope, which sometimes is all we have to hang onto.

Of the song Cully says ‘I was transfixed by an idea of hatred and self-loathing. But there is no horror, no evil nor darkness without the existence of love, beauty and light.’

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Girls Names 3 - credit Sarah Doyle

UK/EU Live Dates:
Oct 2 | Empire Music Hall, Belfast, UK
Oct 3 | Whelanslive, Dublin, EI
Oct 15 | Shipping Forecast, Liverpool, UK
Oct 16 | Beacons Metro Festival in Association with DIY, Leeds, UK
Oct 17 | The Musician, Leicester, UK
Oct 18 | Start the Bus, Bristol, UK
Oct 19 | 100 Club, London, UK TICKETS
Oct 21 | Hope & Ruin, Brighton, UK
Oct 23 | Chaufferie de la Moulin Rouge, Paris, FR
Oct 24 | Jazpana Fest, Beasain, ES
Oct 25 | Asklepios, Valladolid, ES
Oct 26 | Café au Lait, Porto, PT
Oct 27 | Sabotage Club, Lisbon, PT
Oct 28 | El Sol, Madrid, ES
Oct 29 | Heliogàbal, Barcelona, ES
Oct 31 | Soy Festival, Nantes, FR
Nov 1 | Sonic Lyon, Lyon, FR
Nov 3 | Le Mura, Rome, IT
Nov 4 | Mattatoio Culture Club, Carpi, IT
Nov 5 | Teatro Altrove, Genova, IT
Nov 6 | Club Mame, Padova, IT
Nov 7 | Le Port France, Sion, CH
Nov 9 | Haus Mainusch, Mainz, DE
Nov 10 | Tanzcafé Ilses Erika, Leipzig, DE
Nov 11 | Kantine am Berghain, Berlin, DE
Nov 13 | Übel & Gefählich, Hamburg, DE
Nov 14 | Border Crossing Festival, The Hague, NL

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