Track Of The Day – Hatchie – Adored.

Hatchie Adored.

‘Evocative’ …..  that’s probably my most overused word when it comes to writing about music.  This site has never been about a technical examination of music – eg.  “Although it follows the original 32-bar AABA structure, instead of providing a harmonic departure from the A section, the bridge resolves the rising chromatic pattern” erm nah!  It’s always been more sharing music that evokes something,  an exploration of how music “feels.” And if that sounds pretentious then order me a “Double Cappuccino, half-caf, non-fat milk, with just enough foam to be aesthetically pleasing but not so much that it leaves a moustache” before f**king off to a site that deals in cold hard dead-eyed  tech specs or subscribing to “Man Guitar Monthly”  (they have their place, of course, just not here.)

But I digress,  Brisbane singer-songwriter Hatchie does create genuinely evocative music. Her ability to craft an atmosphere of wistful melancholia juxtaposed with a poignancy and sense of euphoria has marked her out as an enthralling emerging talent and  2018 has really seen her make her mark.  Her latest single ‘Adored’ is another release radiating heartfelt, beauty, and is a lightning rod for the crestfallen, the dissatisfied and the lovelorn but like much of her music to date, it’s always tempered with a with a bittersweet sense of hope and joy.

Harriette Pilbeam ( for she is Hatchie) explained: “‘Adored’ is a song that’s been floating around for a few years now so I’m really excited it’s finally found it’s place with this release. I’ve been playing it live since my first show but didn’t feel it fit on either my EP or forthcoming album. It’s about always wanting more than what you have, even if it’s perfect.”


Hatchie live dates:
30th Oct – Pitchfork Avant-Garde, PARIS
1st Nov – Electrowerkz, LONDON
25th Jan – Brighton Dome, BRIGHTON *
26th Jan – O2 Academy, OXFORD *
28th Jan – King George’s Hall (Main Hall), BLACKBURN *
29th Jan – O2 Academy, NEWCASTLE *
30th Jan – Motherwell Concert Hall, MOTHERWELL *
1st Feb – The Great Hall, CARDIFF *
2nd Feb – Exeter Great Hall, EXETER *
3rd Feb – O2 Guildhall, SOUTHAMPTON *
5th Feb – O2 Academy, LEICESTER *
7th Feb – G Live, GUILDFORD *
9th Feb – The Roundhouse, LONDON *
* – supporting The Vaccines |

Twitter @hihatchie | Instagram @hihatchie

Hatchie Adored

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