Track Of the Day – Heartsrevolution – ‘Kill Your Radio’

NYC duo Ben Pollock and Leyla ‘Lo’ Safa AKA Hearts Revolution are back with their visceral idiosyncratic brand of off kilter electronic future pop. ‘Kill Your Radio’ the lead track from their forthcoming EP sounds not unlike Sleigh Bells on a sugar rush colliding with The Go Team in a giant pin ball machine! Rhymes, beats, electronic flourishes, sassy vocals and guitar riffs all ricochet off each other in a dizzying mix of attitude, style and melody to produce an effervescent genre traversing neon pop monster.

It’s a testament to the duos passion, tenacity and self belief that they are still very much in the game after being entangled in record deal with left them in limbo.‘ Kill Your Radio’ isn’t just an infectious Electric-Kool Aid Acid test of a pop song, it’s also a statement of intent, or as the band might say “a global call to arms.” Maybe one day all pop music will sound this exciting?

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