Track Of The Day – I Am Harlequin – ‘I Was In Love’

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any new music from Anne Frier aka I Am Harlequin.  After wowing us with tracks such as the epic ‘Wild One’, things went a tad quiet on the IAH front, although Anne was involved in other songwriting projects such as the more pop-centric Rmours.  However, Dresden born Anne assures us she has been busily writing new material for I Am Harlequin.

And the first new tune to emerge is ‘I Was In Love’ a kind of aural look over the shoulder, surveying the wreckage of a broken relationship, before taking a deep breath and  walking out toward a brand new future. It’s a certainly a bitter sweet tune and whilst we certainly don’t wish artists to be consigned to eternal misery and woe songs about doomed romances are infinitely more satisfying than those of the happy, smug loved up variety don’t cha ya think ?

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