Track Of The Day – IO ECHO – Ministry of Love

Last time we featured IO ECHO we came out with the slightly bizarre assertion that they’d managed to arouse such feelings of  intense joy that we had an urge to “go out and quite literally fuck rainbows.”  Sadly our plea of momentary insanity due to music induced euphoria didn’t play well with the local constabulary and as a result we are currently required to avoid being within the vicinity of rainbows at any given time.

However, IO ECHO’s latest track ‘Ministry of Love’ is inducing similar feelings of loved-up exaltation and is another gorgeous slice of towering dream pop, a veritable ear-gasm with the kind of celestial vocals that reach into your soul and lift you above the mundane and the humdrum.  It’s the Cocteau Twins colliding with Curve in some sort of transcendental parallel universe, this is our kind of band, this is our kind of music and the world is a much better place for this band existing.

It’s the lead track from their new EP, which is out this week via Luv Luv Luv Records.  They also play a few UK dates next week, which is a bit of a f**king bastard to be honest, as we are off to Italy .  Bloody typical ;(

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