Track Of The Day – Kyla La Grange – Nurture

Kyla La  Grange’s welcome return continues apace. We first featured her waaay back in 2010 as well as interviewing her on a number of occasions (initially here  )

 Her latest track the stunning “Nurture” is a beautiful emotive pop song, up there with her finest work and is also her most personal song to date meditating as it does on the ups and downs of relationships since childhood. She describes the song as being “a storybook of relationships, from childhood to adulthood. I nearly didn’t record it because it made me cry too much, and I was scared to release it because it feels so raw and exposing, but something about the writing of it felt very necessary for me like it was a way of paying tribute to certain things and then closing a door on them, putting them to bed.”

Her new album, While Your Heart’s Still Beating, is out Friday 21ST JANUARY, and the full tracklist can be found below.

1. Neverland
2. Something Special
3. Nurture
4. Were We Ever
5. Set You Free
6. Generations
7. Lucky
8. Fury
9. Impossible Emotion


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