TRACK OF THE DAY – LAURA JEAN – ‘Mechanical Friends’

After kicking off 2015 with quite a few psych/shoegazy Tracks Of the Day, we have of late been featuring what we feel are fine examples of pop music with perhaps a slight electronic hue.  And looking at our bulging in- box we can see that trend continuing this week.

We’ll kick off February with a new video from the divine Laura Jean (Marsh), regular visitors will perhaps remember Laura was something of a regular on the VPME when as ‘Laura Trouble’ she fronted glam pop punks Screaming Ballerinas, she also helped out on our hugely respected review panel pieces of yore and even dispensed a dose of scathing pop star fashion critique.  She most recently appeared on the site in 2013 with her debut single ‘Drum Roll’ a damn fine sexy, hedonistic slice of electro-pop.  Now she’s back with a brand new tune in the shape of ‘Mechanical Friends’ – a wistful, evocative starry eyed slice of pop goodness combining restraint and subtlety with a tune that positively glitters with endorphin-inducing melodic beauty.

It arrives with video that in all honesty we’ve managed to interpret differently every time we’ve viewed it.  For example, are Laura’s slow balletic movements perhaps a homage to ‘Coppélia’ – riffing on the ‘Mechanical Friends’ theme? Or was she perhaps a deranged albeit very attractive stalker who is about to shame her ex-lover via vintage camera technology after finding him in post coital slumber?  We felt perhaps we were getting a little ahead of ourselves and so we asked Laura to give us a clue and she explained thusIt’s really about feeling an outsider and seeking comfort in your own world.”  It also features animal masks, a tea party, fireworks, alfresco backgammon, and a collection of insanely good-looking people.  Enjoy!

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