Track Of The Day – Leave The Planet – ‘Coasts’

‘Coasts’ backed by the equally breathtaking ‘Sarah, Where Are You?’ is the first official single from east London based duo Leave the Planet.

The duo who consist of Nathalie Bruno and Jack Milwaukee became musically hitched over a shared love for bands such as Slowdive, Felt and early Sarah Records releases. And you can certainly discern vestiges and echoes of these influences on both these glistening tracks. They are exquisite examples of how to balance beauty and noise, light and shade with a nod to Robin Guthrie’s ability to extract emotion from the guitar and fashion wonderful otherworldly soundscapes.

We don’t consider ourselves particularly nostalgic but there’s no doubt these tunes are imbued with the power to take us back to a romantic idealised version of our misspent youth. But it’s the here and now that matters and Leave The Planet’s music really does fills you with a sense of a serenity and of wonder and as such, taking into account the previous statements is by definition a thing of timeless beauty.

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