Track Of The Day – Loom – ‘Yosoko’

Over the past year or so Loom have been making a bit of a name for themselves with their powerful hook laden grunge snarl. Their latest single ‘Yosoko’ which at times sounds like the Sisters Of Mercy colliding with Nirvana is a powerful and passionate¬† musical statement.¬† It’s certainly a step up from their previous material and is undoubtedly their most accessible release to date, full of incendiary riffs with an impassioned lapel grabbing vocal from front man Tarik Badwan.

That fact that Mr Badwan is the brother of Horrors front-man Faris should really have no bearing as to whether you enjoy this tune or not. Arguably, Loom aren’t setting out to reinvent the wheel here, but there’s certainly enough intensity melody, zeal and self belief to suggest that they could prove to be an interesting proposition if they don’t get saddled with hype overload before they have really hit their stride.

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