Track Of The Day – Lowell – “I Love You Money”

There’s been talk for some time of Canadian born songwriter/producer Lowell being the next big pop sensation. And this is not empty rhetoric or hyperbole, for there’s certainly substance to such claims as Lowell has the ability to write dark pop, heartfelt pop as well as the sort of upbeat pop you can dance whilst all the time lyrically addressing some exceptionally weighty issues. This is fiercely intelligent pop music that rips up the pop rule book and seeks to confront perceived wisdom and societal norms – “to challenge gender conventions and inspire freedom from social limitations, rules, and misogynists’ abuse of power.”

And if you think this sounds fucking brilliant you’d be absolutely right! Today’s track of the day “I Love You Money” is feisty intelligent infectious pop taken from her debut album ‘We Loved Her Dearly’ (out on  September 16th on Arts & Crafts Records). She’s quoted as saying “I have a tendency towards making super-quirky, happy pop but I can also write Lana Del Rey-style dark, depressing music.”  And whilst ‘I Love You Money’ is definitely erring on the side of the former it also manages to pack a punch with lyrics such as“You live in a man’s world I live in my own world.”

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