One imagines Swiss-born artist Nadine Carina, would view her transformation from charming, folksy, slightly idiosyncratic singer-songwriter to dreamy electro-pop enchantress as simply a natural progression. The difference between her earlier work and her recent output is marked, and her forthcoming new album Never Been To Heaven released on 18th September 2015 via Oh Sister Records looks set to be her most accomplished body of work to date.

Her latest track, the magical ethereal ‘Crystal Eyes’ positively radiates with gorgeousness. It has the cinematic widescreen grandeur of Sigur Rós, the pop hooks of Chrvches but is underpinned with a fragile grace and glacial beauty. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful pop songs we’ve heard in quite some time. This is exactly the sort of intelligent, sumptuous, emotive pop music that nation’s radio stations really should be in the thrall of, as opposed to the festering, vacuous playlisted tripe that so often assaults our ears. In fact, we’d go as far as to say if you don’t find beauty within this track, well ….  we doubt we could ever be friends 😉 Wonderful stuff.

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