Nightjacket – Lucky

Track Of The Day – Nightjacket – Lucky

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Shall I perchance compare thee to The Sundays, Cocteau Twins or Mazzy Star ?

If you like mate. I’m sure L.A.’s Nightjacket wouldn’t mind.

Today’s track of the day “Lucky” comes from the band’s new EP Following The Curves. It also features a new vocalist (and wow what a vocalist!) Canadian-born Andrea Wasse (Digital Daggers, DeadXLife) who came up with the initial demo idea for this song.  This is warm evocative laid back dream-pop with Wasse’s beautiful vocal feeling like an oasis of calm in the raging turbulant cluster fuck that is 2021.  A shaft of light amidst the darkness, a sonorous lighthouse guiding us through a turbid sea of darkness … you get the picture.

Wasse, explains it rather better – “Lucky” is a song about unexpectedly falling in love again after swearing it off for good. It’s about someone showing up in your everyday black and white experience, and adding brilliance and color where it was lacking.”

You can buy the EP from band camp right now – . Why not treat your ears to the burnished beauty of compositions such as  “Burn Through The Atmosphere”





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