Track Of The Day – NO CEREMONY/// – FEELSOLOW – Free Download

Oh, do fuck off Manchester, with your achingly cool bands, amazing musical diversity, friendly eateries, and ample free street parking (after 8pm) stop being so darn bloody good and give the rest of the country a chance!  Yup, yet another amazing band emerges from the city in the form of electronic duo (or possibly a trio) NO CEREMONY, who are turning the waves they have been making this year into a veritable tsunami with their latest release.  Emerging in late 2011 and shrouded in a mystery that didn’t really come across as contrived they gave no interviews, didn’t play live, nor were any press photos available.  In the words of Kelly – NOC,” “all we want to concentrate on is making music, that’s what comes first” and this does appear to be a genuine statement of intent rather than artful PR; forget personalities because this band is all about music, and what wonderful music it is.

‘FEELSOLOW’ is a free download and is NO CEREMONY’s musical chef d’oeuvre, a song packed with heart searing, soul shredding emotion, a bona fide classic and one that should be mentioned with the same hushed reverential tones reserved for the likes canonised classics such as Massive Attacks ‘Teardrop’, yes it’s that good!  Oh, we could sit here all day typing superlatives about just how beautiful this is, but the proof of the pudding is in the eating, or rather in this case, in the listening.  Therefore, we’ll take a leaf out of NO CEREMONY’s book, shut the fuck up and let the music speak for itself.

And the video looks like this …

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