Track Of The Day – Pale Rider – The Move

Pale Rider – The Move

I’m not sure if we are entering a new golden era but there really is a huge amount of diverse and genuinely exciting music coming out of the Liverpool scene at the moment. And up there with the very best of them are Pale Rider. Following their majestic driving debut single ‘ I Run On Rain’  they return with their second single, the equally impressive,  ‘The Move’.

Its another imposing slice of driving thunderous dystopian doom psych. Ben Russell’s brooding,  ominous baritone sets the tone, sounding like the presage to a calamitous world-ending event before it all explodes in brimstone and flames as Fran Codman gleefully rips the soundscape asunder with his vicious frenzied guitar riffs.  It sounds like the world burning in flames and the apocalypse has never sounded so good


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Pale Rider

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