Track Of The Day – Picking Up The Pieces (Bills & Hurr Remix)

This is a pretty “rad” remix as I believe the kids say. It sounds like Paloma has just met Donna Summer whilst being backed by New Order at Manumission.  Yup,  it’s a  rather fab reworking of the lead single from her brand new album ‘Fall To Grace’  due out on May 20 which could even tempt us onto the dancefloor and release our hairbrush diva “inner camp.”  It also demonstrates a view we’ve long held, that although jazz and blues are undoubtedly her first love she can pretty much sing and nail any  genre (see also her collaboration with Graham Coxon and her very early burlesque cabaret garage rock n roll that was  Paloma and The Penetrators )

Some people are somewhat surprised we are Paloma fans, we in turn are equally astonished  as to why they are perplexed….(ok we’ll stop now) we are a broad church, she’s got an amazing voice, is incredible live and is a good laugh to boot, what more do you need?   And for the avoidance of  any further doubt, and at the risk of blowing our own trumpet ( well someone’s gotta 😉 )   try this ……”Who discovered Paloma Faith?”  🙂

The “Google god” never lies surely ?

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