Track Of The Day – Pink Kink – Bubblebutt

Pink Kink – Bubblebutt.

So finally Pink Kink take the plunge and release their first recorded music! It seems a long time coming but their live shows have already become some of the most talked about in the North West with reactions ranging from ‘amazing’  to ‘What the fuck did I just witness?’ At last, this Liverpool based collective who hail from Germany, America, Spain, Norway and Sunderland have recorded live favourite ‘Bubblebutt.’  At just under two minutes it gives a flavour of their unique, visceral and often slightly unhinged sound.  However, rather like a cut diamond  Pink Kink have many facets and ‘Bubblebutt’ shows but one side.

During their live set the song is often sandwiched between some of the bands slower more brooding numbers and in that context ‘Bubblebutt’ is like an aural punch in the face. As a single track, it does lack that contrast but is still powerful enough to grab you by the lapels spin you round the dance floor plant a glitter kiss on your cheek and then kick you in the bolllocks . Spooky haunted fairground keyboards swirl around some wonderfully jagged guitar work whilst the band chant their mantra addressing issues of being able to dress the way they wish without attracting unwanted sexist comments. If this is the first time you’ve heard  Pink Kink rest assured there are plenty more great tunes where this came from. Pink Kink come in many musical flavours meaning comparison is ill-advised whilst genre tagging is doomed to end in abject failure.  But ‘Bubblebutt’ is a great introduction to the band although obviously at just one minute and 49 seconds long can’t possibly encapsulate all that this unique and hugely creative collective has to offer. Catch them live and you will be blown away by the Pink Kink hurricane.

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Manchester, Castle Hotel – 28 September
Newcastle, Think Tank – 29
Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s – 1 October
Leeds, Oporto – 3
Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge – 4
Leicester, The Cookie – 5
Brighton, Sticky Mike’s – 6
Southhampton, Joiners – 7
London, Boston Arms – 12
Cardiff, SWN Festival – 21 October
Bristol, Simple Things Festival – 21
Liverpool, Music Week Closing Party – 4 November



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