Track Of The Day – Piroshka – Everlastingly Yours.

Piroshka  Everlastingly Yours. 

Miki Moose,” no it’s not a Glaswegian talking about their favourite Disney character but is in fact Miki Bereyni (Lush) her partner KJ “Moose” McKillop, (Moose) alongside Modern English bassist Mick Conroy and former Elastica drummer Justin Welch who have all united  to form a new indie supergroup under the name “Piroshka.”  The collective moniker is actually the Hungarian name for the fairy tale character ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and is a playful nod to Miki’s roots both in terms of her heritage and also her hair, which at the height of her fame with Lush was dyed a striking iridescent poppy red.

‘Everlastingly Yours’  should keep Lush fans happy as retains a degree of the blissful, layered etherial qualities Lush were so adept at, however, this isn’t Miki and co retreading old ground, this is them branching out in different directions. There are disorientating wooshing wonky synths, evocative dream-like vocals and a real sense of the band enjoying themselves and experimenting with their sound.   It’s wistful and shimmering and there’s also a sense of liberation. For example, when Lush finally reformed and new tunes were written there was a certain weight of expectation, a sense of how Lush should sound, but with Piroshka, there are no such constraints, this is a band enjoying the freedom to be themselves and embracing the future.

And yet it might never have happened, Miki had always appeared to be the most reluctant former Lush member to venture back into music. Indeed, in the years after Lush drummer Chris Acland’s unexpected suicide in 1997 when his shocked and grieving bandmates felt unable to continue as Lush, Miki, in particular, had no interest in creating new music –  “ I had to get completely away from music. The gate just shut for me.”

As a parent with a full-time job, it took Miki until 2015 to agree to reunite Lush, with Chris’ good friend Justin on drums. But it wasn’t to be a permanent arrangement. “After the Manchester show, Justin asked if I’d be up for something else,” Miki recalls. “But I’d never made music outside of Lush, and I’ve never wanted to do anything solo. I need someone else to motivate me, and in this case, it was Justin. He sent drum tracks with guitar parts and odd words, so I wrote some vocals and lyrics, which became ‘This Must Be Bedlam’ and ‘Never Enough’. When Mick added bass, it sounded great. When Moose added guitar and keyboards – I’d never written like that before, it was such good fun.”

Piroshka’s debut album Brickbat, is released 15th February via Bella Union and available to pre-order below


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Tuesday 27th November – LONDON – Lexington **(SOLD–OUT!)**

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