Track of The Day – Poppy And The Jezebels – “Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!”

It’s been quite a while since we’ve  heard from Poppy And The Jezebels, in fact it was way back in 2008 when we first interviewed them ( HERE). Their infectious indie pop recalled the Shop Assistants, the Rain Coats, a more cerebral Shampoo or even Sugababes, had the latter been influenced by The Slits and dreamt of something more than settling for abject spirit crushing mediocrity. We tipped Poppy And The Jezebels for big things way back then and maybe it’s taking a bit longer than we anticipated, but based on the evidence of  what might be termed, their come back single, they still have it all to play for. “Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!” is quite simply a brilliant pop song, sadly having brilliant pop songs doesn’t always make you pop-stars. But it should. Now go and buy it and make their dreams come true 🙂


VPME Interview 2008


2 thoughts on “Track of The Day – Poppy And The Jezebels – “Sign In, Dream On, Drop Out!””

  1. I’m at an age when I thought I was too old for pop. It all seemed so rubbish, this tune has confirmed I was wrong, this takes me back to a time when pop was great. Well done young girls a great fun indiepop song in the classic style


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