Track Of The Day – Primal Scream – ‘2013’ (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

I used to hate remixes, rather like the existence of Jeremy fucking Clarkeson I really just couldn’t see the point. But then Andrew Weatherall took Primal Scream’s ‘I’m Losing More Than I Ever Had’ de-constructed it,  invoked all manner of musical alchemy and transformed it into ‘Loaded’ – the rest is history. ‘Loaded’ became something of an anthem for me that fateful summer, a soundtrack to my dissolute behaviour, a time when I lost my heart, my sanity and my underpants. Of course we’ve always loved Bobby G for his pivotal role in the history of The  Jesus and Mary Chain, the man’s a genius, a mojo shaking soul boy preachin’ rock n roll shaman.  He lives and breathes music and knows its history inside out, upside down and round and round. (Name that tune? 😉 )

Well, Andrew Wetherall’s gone and  done it again in 2013 and teamed up with Primal Scream to produce another epic remix in the form of this eight minute plus driving, sax warped, dance-pysche gem of their latest tune ‘2013.’  And I’m off to play it on repeat and drop me some “Haribo Fizzy Mix” – wish me luck

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