Track Of The Day – Sharptooth – ‘Sister’

Ever met somebody who you’ve just hit it off with straight away and felt you’ve known them for like, forever?  Well it can be the same with music because occasionally a new band will arrive with a sound that is so aligned with your own taste, that it’s hard to believe you haven’t been acquainted with them before.

Glasgow’s Sharptooth are one such band, and their new single ‘Sister’ which has just been released on cassette and digital download via Fuzzkill Records, is the sort of record we dream about.  Full of dark menace and deadly allure its a song draws you into the dark world of Sharptooth.  Guitars swirl and chime around the cool detached vocals, creating a fabulous example of hypnotic, seductive monochrome post punk at its absolute best. Wonderful wonderful stuff, which gives us hope….a concept we’ve been somewhat struggling with of late (in the musical sense.)

Sharptooth are Jess Gunn, Lauren Laing, Kate Miller and Nico Miller and their single launch is tonight (23/10/2014)  at 13th Note in Glasgow – (with help from the excellent Tuff Love and Pennycress) details HERE


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