Track Of The Day – Shy Around Strangers – “Never Look Down”

Shy Around Strangers are a new (ish) band from NYC who combine thundering bass, chiming guitars, swirling keyboards and the smoky whiskey cracked vocals of Emily Powers to great effect. Vocally Powers is somewhere between  Shirley Manson and Metric’s Emily Haines, which as you would imagine is a pretty darn fine place to be.“Never Look Down” artfully combines flourishes of 80’s cinematic melodrama with radio friendly 90’s grunge to produce a sound that whilst not unique, is extremely satisfying and expertly crafted. And y’know, some days you just cant be arsed with being challenged by wilfully perverse yelping laid over sampled sounds of crickets masturbating (see Bjork,) sometimes you just want a big fucking monster, balls-out TUNE and Shy Around Strangers deliver it with aplomb!

Download it for free at the bands Bandcamp page HERE

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