Track Of The Day – Skeleton Suite – ‘Wounded’

Photo © Marga Moner

So Skeleton Suite what’s the deal?  What interesting back-story can we furnish you with about today’s rather wonderful tune?  Well not a lot actually, because there really is a poverty of information on-line about the young scamps.  Foraging about the cyber frontier like an undernourished Jean Valjean in search of sustenance, the few meagre crumbs we could gather and fashion into a digestible  loaf of information are as follows; – Skeleton Suite emerged in the aftermath of the breakup of Hans Island with drummer Ben Robinson and guitarist Dean Glover deciding to stay on the uncertain but decidedly righteous path of music making.  And a quick listen to Skeleton Suite proves that this was indeed an inspired decision because with the addition of Lewis on vocals and guitar and Jack on bass, Skeleton Suite have the sound, swagger, and confidence of a band who have been together a lot longer than a year.

Check out ‘Wounded’, which is quite clearly amazing. There is apparently new music planned soon. When? Buggered if we know.


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