Sophisticated electronic chillwave tinged pop, commercial enough to get the ears of the pop crowd, and equally hip enough to seduce the cool kids. Moreover, if all pop were as well crafted and beautifully polished as this track then perhaps the pop charts and radio playlists wouldn’t resemble the sort of ghastly corporate shitefest that appears to be designed solely for Estate Agents to get their jiggy on after a hard week fleecing the general public.  ‘Wild Animal’  is a much more intelligent and rewarding beast, it’s as smooth as a freshly buttered banister and positively dripping with the miasma of opulent sensuality, it’s the sound of late nights, neon lights, silk stockings and languorous seduction. There’s also a dash of  Lykee Li ‘tangoing in the night’ on a John Hughes movie set – and before we turn into the ‘Fast Show’s’ Swiss Toni we’ll just add it’s a track that’s hypnotic and uplifting in more ways than one. Musical Viagra in fact 😯 !! And with comments like that is it any wonder Skylar Fri is choosing to keep her identity under wraps at the present time?

Not convinced ?  Well perhaps her previous track, ‘Man Is Strange’ may help ? Failing that a visit to the Otolaryngologist is perhaps your only option 😉

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